Government Financial Transparency, Accountability, & the European Economic Crisis: Paths to Prosperity
(29-30 April 2016, Los Angeles, CA)
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KALETSKY, Anatole (first Chairman of INET; Chief Economist & Co-Chairman GaveKal Dragonomics)
Anatole Kaletsky is chief economist of Gavekal Dragonomics, a Hong Kong-based economic consulting and asset management firm. After the financial crisis Kaletsky encouraged George Soros to create the Institute for New Economic Thinking with a donation of $150m and served as its first chairman. He now sits on INET’s governing board. He is also a director of the JPMorgan Emerging Markets Trust and is on the board of the Open Society Foundations and the investment committee that oversees their $25 billion endowment. Before co-founding Gavekal in 2002, Kaletsky worked for 25 years as an economic journalist on the Economist, Financial Times, London Times and International Herald Tribune, winning numerous awards including European Journalist of the Year (1998), Newspaper Commentator of the Year (1996) and Specialist Writer of the Year (1981 and 1992). He now writes a monthly column on financial economics for newspapers around the world in the Project Syndicate network and a column on Britain’s political economy for Prospect Magazine. His book Capitalism 4.0 anticipated many of the post-crisis transformations of the global economy and was nominated for the 2011 Samuel Johnson Prize. Kaletsky was educated at King’s College, Cambridge, where he graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Mathematics, and at Harvard, where he was a Kennedy Scholar and received an MA in Economics. He has an honorary Doctorate of Science from the University of Buckingham. Kaletsky lives in London and Italy and is married to Fiona Murphy, a documentary film-maker.
30 April 2016 (Presenter
TOPIC: Thoughts into New Economic Thinking Multi-Disciplinary Non-Economist Collaboration
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