Government Financial Transparency, Accountability, & the European Economic Crisis: Paths to Prosperity
(29-30 April 2016, Los Angeles, CA)
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STEGER, Gerhard (former Austrian Budget Director)
Gerhard Steger is the current Director General for Public Finances at the Austrian Court of Audit (Austria’s Supreme Audit Institution). He is the Chief executive for the audit of the Austrian federal balancing of accounts, taxes, public banks and financial management, fiscal equalization scheme, EU-funds in Austria, public shares (primarily in the energy and tourism sector). He is responsible for successfully designing and implementing the Austrian budget reform, recognized internationally as a best practice example. He has an outstanding record in public financial and performance management, profound experience as a leader in the field of supervising and auditing and is a frequent activities for and in the context of international (financial) institutions (such as IMF, WB, UN, OECD, INTOSAI, IDB) and various countries.
29 April 2016 (Presenter)
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Video clip (29 April 2016)
Video clip of Q&A Session (29 April 2016)