Government Financial Transparency, Accountability, & the European Economic Crisis: Paths to Prosperity
(29-30 April 2016, Los Angeles, CA)
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CARRUTHERS, Ian (Chair of International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board)
Ian Carruthers became Chair of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board (IPSASB) in January 2016, having been a Board Member since 2010. As a Board Member he led IPSASB’s work on Long Term Financial Sustainability and alignment between IPSASs and Government Finance Statistics. After joining HM Treasury from PricewaterhouseCoopers in 1999, Mr. Carruthers played a key role in the UK Government’s transition from cash to accrual budgeting and reporting, in particular leading its Whole of Government Accounts programme. He joined CIPFA in 2006. CIPFA promotes and supports improvements in public financial management and governance across the public services globally, as well as setting financial management and reporting standards for local government in the UK. As part-time Chair, CIPFA Standards, Mr. Carruthers’ role encompasses all these aspects of the Institute’s activities, and he has led its work on the role of the public services CFO, as well as the development of the International Framework for Good Governance in the Public Sector with IFAC.
29 April 2016 (Presenter)
TOPIC: Insights into the UK Institutions and Key Processes in Government Financial Transparency and Accountability
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