Government Financial Transparency, Accountability, & the European Economic Crisis: Paths to Prosperity
(29-30 April 2016, Los Angeles, CA)
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KAZARIAN, Paul B. (Founder, Chairman & CEO of Japonica Partners and the Charles & Agnes Kazarian Foundation)
Japonica, founded in 1988, is a private investment firm with a single focus business niche, which is underperforming global special situations where they discover large value gaps that can be closed with transformational turnaround plans. Major public investment situations include: $690 million reorganization of Fortune 200 Allegheny International as lead investor/sponsor; $1.5 billion turnaround of Fortune 300 Sunbeam-Oster, Inc. as Chairman, CEO, CFO, and majority stockholder; $1.6 billion white knight for Fortune 300 CNW Corp. as largest private stockholder; and $2.4 billion restructuring proposal for Fortune 100 Borden, Inc. as lead sponsor; and Greek government turnaround initiative as one of largest private government bondholders. Prior to founding Japonica, Kazarian was an executive at Goldman, Sachs & Co. Kazarian has an MBA from Columbia, an AM from Brown, and a BA from Bates. Kazarian is an American of Armenian descent, whose grandparents survived the Armenian Genocide.
29 April 2016 (PRESENTER)
TOPIC: Bringing Western Democracy Government Financial Transparency
Recommended Readings:
* USC Summit Presentation: Bringing Western Democracy Government Financial Transparency to Greece
* Slide Presentation to the Financial Times, January 2016
* Slide Presentation to the London School of Business, December 2015
Video clip (29 April 2016)
30 April 2016 (PANELISTS)
TOPIC: Credit Rating Agency Use of Balance Sheet Numbers in Sovereign Ratings
Recommended Readings:
* USC Summit Presentation: Integrating Government Financial Management Processes and Financial Statements into the Sovereign Credit Rating Framework
Video clip (29 April 2016)
30 April 2016 (MODERATOR)
TOPIC: Perspective from Greek Leadership on Western Democracy Government Transparency and the Path to Prosperity
Video clip: Greek Panel (30 April 2016)